About Us

We are a leading massage and beauty spa driven by our commitment to ensure the superior quality of massage and therapies. We have always worked for the best of the clients without any qualms. Our customers’ contentment is our top most priority. We help the customers to attain the improved and enhanced natural beauty and wellness. Whether the customer desire skin care treatment or whole body massage treatment, there are a vast number of treatments available for diverse desire and the team of “Jack & Jill Thai Massage” is competent enough to give the customers the calming and relaxing therapy sessions and that’s why customers choose “Jack & Jill  Thai Massage”.

Our aim


To provide the unmatched quality of services and more than services our aim is to provide the wellness and serenity to the people troubled by day life’s chaos. We have a customer centric approach which bounds us to serve the best adopting the best way for the patrons. We are trying that beauty and health can be accessible for all and that is why we have set our prices reasonable. The quality of massage therapy is excellent as only the excellent masseurs are being appointed for your service.

The path we choose


We have sworn that we will be fair to the customers and will always strive to deliver the excellent service, better than expected. We are open to suggestions and complaints, so that our service and staff can get better and better. The better the staff, the better the service delivery. The better the service delivery, the better response from the patrons and that is what we desire. Our staff always stress on providing the utmost satisfaction to the customers.

At “Jack & Jill Thai Massage”, we help you to rediscover the value of your mind, body and soul. We give you the chance to rejuvenate yourself with the enchanting services.