Thai Massage

Important Questions for Your Thai Massage Therapist to Answer

When you are thinking about getting a Thai massage done, it is always a clever idea to go to the best massage salon in town as they would be employing the services of the best in the business for maintaining their goodwill and reputation in the market. You would be receiving top-grade services from the industry stalwarts. If you have any queries, you could ask directly to your massage therapist. Schedule an appointment at the best Thai massage salon in Reservoir for top quality services at affordable rates. Here are some vital questions to ask your Thai massage therapist to make sure that you are in adept and deserving hands.

What Is The Name Of The Institute You Had Attended?

If you wish to assess the quality of your massage therapist, you must find out about her educational qualifications, and training including the certifications and the institute from where she has completed her training. You must appreciate the fact that different training institutes would be following different approaches. Some may focus on book learning as opposed to practical experience while others may emphasize purely on practical experience. Community colleges are having a great reputation. A massage therapist could be regarded as qualified only after achieving 500 to approximately 600 hours of practice and training. Often the massage institute, to which a massage therapist went, would be enough to reveal the quality and calibre of the massage therapist. Look for qualified and experienced Thai massage professionals in Reservoir for a great massage session.

What Is Your Job Experience?

He or she must possess 5 years or more experience in the trade. Sound knowledge and efficiency are the hallmarks of a good massage therapist.

What Style Of Massage Do You Like?

Often massage therapists may have the necessary training and certification in more than one modality. You must find out if your chosen massage therapist has sound knowledge in Thai Massage therapy and he or she enjoys doing the Thai massage. The therapist must possess adequate experience to deliver flawless services. Come to the best salon in Reservoir to avail the most efficient and beneficial Thai Massage therapy.

Are You Certified In Any Other Massage Therapy?

It is pretty common to find massage therapists who despite being qualified and well-trained in Thai massage therapy would be opting for an extra certification in Reflexology, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and others. Find out what other modality, your therapist is qualified in or keen on pursuing. Ask if it was a comprehensive and full-time training course or was it simply a preliminary weekend class.

Learn about Job History

Just like educational qualifications and training, you need to find out more about the capacity and quality of your massage therapist. You would be able to guess about the standard and competency of the massage therapist when you come to know about the workplaces she has been attached with during his or her career span. You must consider asking for a brief career or job history so that you are able to correctly assess her experience and exposure and her precise levels of competence and efficiency.