Thai Massage Thomastown

Thai Massage Therapy and Recovery from Addiction

Thai massage therapy has been formulated according to the joint influence and effective amalgamation of both the Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine principles. The treatment is actually founded on the cardinal principle that ill-health results from the existing blockages in your energy lines running through your body. It should be the objective of an accomplished and well-trained massage therapist to effectively massage and try manipulating your body in such a way that this energy is released. Once this energy is liberated, it is believed that the body would be returning to former balance and good health. Try professional Thai Massage therapy at the best spa based in Thomastown.

Great for Easing Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal system would be occurring as your body gets used to operating without the drugs, or the alcohol. The discomfort level would be depending on a number of factors such as:

  • Duration of the Addiction
  • Type of Addiction
  • Amount of Addiction
  • Mental Health & Attitude
  • Overall Physical Health

Thai massage therapy could help in easing withdrawal symptoms. You do not need to constantly fight with the withdrawals.  Thai massage would be encouraging lymphatic drainage. In this context, you may know that the lymphatic system would be effectively transporting fluids throughout the body and eliminating toxins. If this fluid becomes stagnant it could be leading to health glitches. Thai massage actually effectively encourages lymphatic drainage, which would be helping your body in healing effectively. Thai massage could be effectively combating any post-acute withdrawal symptoms like mental fogginess.

Thai Massage Tackles Stress Effectively

Try a relaxing Thai massage at the best spa in Thomastown for best results. Many of you rely on alcohol or are into drug addiction as an effective way of tackling stress. You must realize that addiction to the mind-altering chemicals would not be solving any stress associated issues but would be numbing temporarily your emotions. Stress is a part and parcel of the digital era and you simply cannot eliminate it with the help of drug or alcohol addiction. Get out of your addiction and try to lead a peaceful, happy, and a sober life with regular massage sessions.

Thai Massage Best for a Good Night’s Sleep

People in the early stages of recovery tend to suffer from insomnia. For patients who have been using drugs or drinking regularly, the body is used to getting some sort of incentive to sleep and might have forgotten how to sleep naturally. Insomnia is extremely unpleasant, and is the root cause of a number of post-acute withdrawal syndrome symptoms, like fuzzy thinking, lethargy, and trouble concentrating.

A good Thai massage session in a reputed Thomastown spa will work wonders to promote sleep and repair your sleep cycle. An early evening or late afternoon session is perfect for this purpose. It will release all discomfort and stress to your body, relieve tense muscles and joints that were disrupting your sleep. TTM techniques have proven very effective in calming your mind. You will feel more relaxed and focused, at one with everything around you. Regular sessions will definitely help you to establish a healthy sleep cycle.

Boost in Self-Esteem

Addiction may lead to ostracism. You may experience a lack of connection with others. The Thai massage experience involves physical contact and so a sense of getting reconnected develops over time. Initially, you may be experiencing a wee bit of shyness and discomfort in letting someone massage your body. But gradually as you start experiencing the immense benefits, you will start trusting the massage therapist. The world actually becomes a better place. When you trust others, your self-confidence and self-esteem are restored.