Thai massage Preston

Thai Massage Unveiled

When you think of a massage, the first things that come to your mind are relaxing under a sheet, with calming music in the background, with a therapist rubbing your back gently, using aromatic oils. This is pretty much true for most massages, but if you were expecting this from a Thai massage session, you would be rather surprised.

Traditional Thai massage has been called the perfect blend of massage and yoga. By using rhythmic, gradual stretches and compressions, it allows you to free up the body’s energy flow, greatly improving range of motion, flexibility, and healing ability, not to mention relieving stress and improving the quality of sleep. If you are in Preston, you could enjoy a relaxing Thai massage in any reputed salon or spa.

What Does a Thai Massage Session Entail?

A massage therapist who is skilled in Thai massage techniques will use several body parts like palms, thumbs, feet, knees, and elbows in their routine, to stretch, press, and pull various parts of your body. This releases stress in specific joints and areas and also loosens them. It is said that the ‘sen’ pathways for energy flow are accessed through these motions.

What Do I Wear?

The first thing you need to know is that unlike other massage sessions, you will be fully clothed through a traditional Thai massage. It is ideal if you wear loose-fitting attire, preferably something old so that staining from the oils doesn’t affect you.

How Does It All Happen?

Thai massages are performed on floor mats or massage tables, depending on the degree of flexibility the therapist might need. Each compression is performed very slowly and will stretch from the head to the toes. Massage and passive stretching are used together to ensure the best possible experience for your conditions. A standard session ranges anywhere between one to three hours, although you could go for smaller sessions subsequently. Schedule an appointment for a Thai massage session at the best salon in Preston.

What Benefits Does Thai Massage Have?

If the body’s energy lines are blocked, you could suffer from fatigue and illness. The beauty of Thai massage is that each technique is targeted at these lines, and by freeing them up, it reduces stress and greatly improves circulation and muscle flexibility.

Muscles: Muscle tensions and spasms are alleviated through targeted pressure applied at areas where tension has been built up. Trapped nerves too are attacked, which relieves spasms. Principles of acupressure at energy joints are a big part of Thai massage as well.

Joints: By manipulating various joints through yoga-like stretches, Thai massage sessions are able to enhance mobility greatly. A series of targeted treatments is perfect for reducing joint pain and returning the suppleness and vitality to aching bones.

Circulation: Thai massage uses a variety of techniques together, like acupressure, skeletal and muscular manipulation, and touch therapy to boost circulation.

Energy: As mentioned earlier, Thai massage therapists stimulate and access the body’s natural energy meridians, based on a Chinese medicine concept, to shift stagnant energy areas and ensure a sufficient release of stress and flow of energy.

Healing: All these techniques used in tandem triggers the body’s healing mechanisms and can completely heal neck pain, headaches, sciatica, and several other pain and illnesses.

Come avail the best Thai massage therapy in Preston for healing solutions.