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Things to Ask Your Massage Therapist before a Session

The first appointment you schedule for a massage at a spa or salon is usually not a very informed decision. It is done as a one-time affair and you’re just testing the waters to see if this is something you would enjoy. If you’re lucky, you would have landed up at a premium spa which hires only the very best therapists and assures the best service money can buy. Coming across such a place is harder than you would expect, however. It’s a great idea to ask for recommendations from friends and family and then check out the places and therapists online. Once you get in touch with them, you can ask the following questions and know for sure that you are getting what you signed up for.

Ask About Their Experience

A solid foundation in massage, especially a technical massage technique like traditional Thai massage, takes about five years of experience. These are highly customized routines, tailored to best suit the subject’s needs, and an experienced Thai massage therapist in a top Preston spa will know which routines work best for particular cases of rehabilitation, stress relief, and so on.

Where Did You Learn Your Craft?

Massage is an art- one that arrives at a common end (healing, stress-relief, rehabilitation and such) through various techniques and approaches. Massage therapists spend 500 to 600 hours of training to get certified. Different massage training institutions will have very different approaches. Furthermore, a book-taught person may know his theory well but be lacking in execution. By knowing and looking up your massage therapist’s school, you will be able to accurately judge where they are coming from and whether they are the right pick for you.

What Style Do You Prefer?

It is common for a massage therapist to be familiar with various techniques, but most specialize in at most two modalities. If you are looking for a great Thai massage in Preston, ensure that your massage therapist knows traditional Thai massage and will be able to perform it to the best of his ability. You should also ask about other interests and specializations they might have, like Shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, and so on. All of this affects the quality of the massage you receive, and a good massage therapist will be very forthcoming with all this information.

What about Their Job History?

If a therapist has worked at a number of quality massage centres in the past, you know your experience will be great. Ask for a brief job history so you know the exposure they have gotten to the field. Another thing to look out for is unnaturally short stints at any previous workplace.

Other Things to Ask

Once you’re done grilling your massage therapist about their ability and background, it is a good idea to talk about the massage session itself. Ask about how they intend to target your specific issues and go beyond just the generic routines. You should also ask about side-effects, if any, and whether headaches, bruising, or shooting pains are normal after the session. For Thai massage performed by a licensed official in Preston, there are very minimal chances of any of these happening. Headaches may be triggered by pressure on the sinus cavity, and bruising could be due to a stretch done wrong or pressure applied on a previous injury. If at any time, you feel uncomfortable, you should convey it very clearly to the therapist.